Mélanie Laurent - Madame Figaro - July 2014

August 1st  melanie laurent
August 1st  the x files

wait you live in wa

where u think i live?

August 1st  jemmly replies
August 1st  kristen stewart

city nicknames

perth: the city of fucking shit-all heres a river heres a tower that looks like an armadillo dick heres a shitty public transport system heres a terrible state government fun times for all

August 1st  captain's log

I’m talking about the fact that my “friend” Lucille Austero bought our company and I think she’s going for a power grab, that bitch! […] She’d love to get at me any way she could.

i dont want to be that person that points out historical inaccuracies in unrealistic films but whoops captain america 2

August 1st  captain's log